August 13, 2019

"You should tell that story to everyone who comes to see you for therapy." 

I often tell stories to my clients in the hope that something in the tale will have an impact on their situation and help initiate change. If someone comes to me with anxiety, I could explain an...

February 28, 2019

Part Four - Sleep and Learning. 

When I ask you to think about learning, you are likely to think about sitting down at a desk with a book or computer and being wide awake and focused. You may therefore be surprised to learn that learning also takes place when we are asl...

January 15, 2019

Part Three - Sleep, Physical Well Being and Our Immune System. 

Especially during the winter months we are encouraged by health professionals and companies providing supplements to take tablets and potions to ward off colds and flu. We take our daily doses of vitamin C,...

October 12, 2018

Part One - Sleep and Weight Management.

Shakespeare was correct when he called sleep "Nature's soft nurse." There is definitely a healing quality to sleep. This is not just a poetic image but is based on good hard science. This 4 part series of blogs will look at a vari...

February 6, 2018

So perhaps you've got a bad back or Fibromyalgia. Maybe you're suffering from anxiety or OCD.

Your G.P. offers you some medication which, although it may help your condition, you decide not to take due to the list of potential side effects. So you decide to take a compl...

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