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Bruxism refers to the unconscious grinding and/or clenching of the teeth when a person is not eating. It is often associated with high levels of stress, anger or rage. The behaviour can be expressed day or night:

  • Diurnal (during the day). Clenching (or less frequently grinding) of the teeth, often when under stress.

  • Nocturnal (during the night). Grinding (frequently audible) or clenching the teeth when asleep. When the patient awakens in the morning he/she often reports that the muscles of their jaw ache.

The associated problems with bruxism may be:

  • Keeping your partner awake at night

  • Fracture and/or erosion of the teeth

  • Breakdown of the bone supporting teeth. In severe cases the jaw can fracture.

  • Tempero mandibular joint problems.

The tempero mandibular joint (TMJ) is that which connects the jaw to the skull.

Problems can lead to myofascial pain dysfunctional syndrome, a chronically painful condition affecting the face (often only one side).

The jaw may “click” (frequently audible) when eating and in extreme cases can dislocate.

It is important to note that some headaches may be the result of undiagnosed TMJ problems.


Hypnotherapy for Bruxism

Because teeth grinding can lead to dental problems, it is a good idea to visit your dentist if you think you have the signs of bruxism. They will be able to check your teeth and possibly fit you with a guard to stop you from teeth grinding. 

As previously mentioned, the underlying causes of bruxism may be of an emotional/psychological nature which is maintained on an unconscious level. Hypnosis works on your unconscious mind to resolve these issues so you can be free of the destructive habit.


To discuss whether hypnotherapy is right for you and your stress-related teeth grinding, give me a call now. 

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