Weight Management

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management - how it works and why it helps.

Even though we consciously know that to lose weight we need to eat less and move more, we still struggle with keeping our weight to the level we desire. Often, it's because there's a lot of baggage in our unconscious that's weighing us down. Hypnotherapy is a tool that can help you focus on what you need to achieve for weight-loss success.

There's no denying it, trying to lose weight can be a long and challenging journey. If you've ever tried and failed to lose weight before, then you probably know just how frustrating it can be - especially when feelings like stress, low self-esteem, sadness and boredom crop up.

It's not unusual for people to get into a cycle of dieting, overeating, feeling guilty and dieting again. This is known as 'yo-yo dieting' and makes weight loss difficult to sustain.

While fad diets and nutrition plans focus on what you put in your mouth and how often, hypnotherapy changes how you feel about what you eat. For instance - on a diet you might eat a carrot and wish you were eating a carrot cake, but with hypnotherapy you can learn to enjoy the carrot and not give that cake a second thought. It might be hard to imagine a world where you'd happily turn down your favourite food for something healthier, but with certain hypnotherapy for weight loss  techniques it may be possible to change your thinking patterns and gain control over cravings in a way that doesn't depress you.


By targeting the unconscious mind, I will help you develop a new, positive relationship with food and exercise. The aim is to make you feel confident about your body, change any negative thoughts about eating and help you lose weight healthily and responsibly without impacting your emotional wellbeing. 

Keeping trim should be a long-term goal, not a short-term obsession.

Although many people succeed in losing weight in the short term, they often have trouble keeping it off and that's where hypnotherapy can lead to success. A study published in the Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology in 1995 looked at six studies relating to obesity and weight loss and concluded that "the addition of hypnosis substantially enhanced treatment outcome". The patients who underwent hypnosis continued to lose weight even after the treatment had ended.


The singer Lily Allen, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (former member of the British Royal family), the model Sophie Dahl and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell all turned to hypnotherapy to manage and maintain their desired weight - you can too!


That's why I'm offering 2 possibilities of how you can work with hypnotherapy to manage your weight - if you're not sure which suits you just give me a call or come in for a free chat.

1. One to one sessions with me on a pay as you go basis.Ideal if you feel you  want to overcome a simple craving or learn more about using hypnosis to achieve a goal such as motivation to exercise.Simply get in touch to book your first session.


2. My comprehensive Weight, Hypnotherapy and You (WHY) Programme at a reduced cost - 8 sessions for the price of 6. Full details below.

All sessions are available online if you can't make it to my practice rooms in Bath or Salisbury.


Welcome to the Weight, Hypnotherapy and YOU (WHY) Weight Reduction Programme.

The WHY Program was designed for people just like you who sincerely want to reduce their weight and are willing to make lasting lifestyle changes to reach and maintain their preferred weight.

The eight sessions of the WHY Programme were developed by Dr. Judy Pearson, a licensed professional counsellor, master trainer, practitioner of Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), and a master clinical hypnotherapist. These eight sessions are to be administered by a certified hypnotherapist. Dr. Pearson developed the programme based on interviews and therapy sessions with numerous clients who struggled with weight reduction, interviewing people who had successfully reached their goal weight and consulting with nurses, nutritionists, motivational coaches, social workers, counsellors and psychologists.


Unlike most programmes, which focus only on diet and exercise, hypnotherapy includes:

  • stress management

  • support for improved decision making

  • mental rehearsal

  • enhanced motivation

  • all of which are helpful in successful weight management.

  • The WHY Programme puts YOU IN CONTROL!

  • Get Control Over What You Eat!

  • Get Control Over How You Eat!

  • Get Control Over Emotional Eating!

  • Get Control Over Your Motivation to Exercise!

  • Get Control Over Your Mind With The Power of Self-Hypnosis!

  • What You Receive in the Programme Package:

  • Eight individual one-to-one sessions focused on your needs

  • Handouts on healthy eating

  • Personalised weight reduction recordings

  • WHY Programme client handout assignments

  • Learn self-hypnosis as a tool for weight management at home

This Programme puts the control into your hands and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise. The hypnotic recordings reinforce your progress and allow you to design your own hypnotic suggestions! 


In session 1, “Intake Interview and Introduction to the WHY Program,” you’ll have an interview with me and get an overview of the WHY Programme. The accompanying assignment, “Get the Results You Want: Well- Formed Outcomes for Weight Control,” teaches you how to create well-formed outcomes that are specific and motivating.

In session 2, “Reframing Compulsive Eating,” you’ll complete a process to examine some of your unconscious motives behind overeating, and the assignment helps you examine the difference between “Trim-Slim Thinking versus Fat Thinking.”


In session 3, “Training in Self-Hypnosis,” you’ll learn self-hypnosis, and the assignment is a series of worksheets, or templates, that help you design your own self-hypnosis sessions in “Learning Self-Hypnosis: The Seven-Step Self- Hypnosis Process.”


Session 4, “Stopping Emotional Eating with Stress Management,” teaches you stress management tools to curb the eating for comfort that sometimes accompanies stress. The assignment, “Stress Management and Emotional Eating,” discusses ways to stress-proof your life, manage stress in healthy ways, and reverse the addiction to emotional eating. The accompanying bonus report, “Boost Your Brain to Curb Compulsive Eating!” gives you brain-health recommendations that may help you improve your eating patterns.

Session 5, “Making Sensible Food Choices,” is a hypnotherapy session focusing on choosing healthful, nutritious, slimming foods. The hypnotherapy portion is audio recorded for you to use on your own at home. The assignment calls for you to designate healthful and not-so-healthful foods and complete “A Two-Week Food Diary,” so that you become more aware of your eating patterns.

Session 6, “Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food,” is another recorded hypnotherapy session encouraging you to eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full. The assignment teaches you a step-by-step process called “The NLP Slender Eating Strategy.”

Session 7, “Boosting Motivation to Exercise,” is a recorded hypnotherapy session that revs up your motivation to exercise. The accompanying bonus report, “The Benefits of Exercise,” tells you how exercise can help you and how to get started on a safe, healthy exercise program. The “Mind Management” assignment will help you prepare for session 8.


Session 8, “Pulling It All Together for Lasting Results,” is a recorded hypnotherapy session that encourages you to take your mindset into the future so that the changes you’ve made are lasting. The assignment is called “Keep Going: Make Changes Last, Make Motivation Last.”

N.B. The session order or content may vary according to individual needs and preferences.


Ideally there should be a week between each of the sessions 1 to 4 (Approximately a month).

After the fourth session, you work on the support given so far until you reduce four pounds in weight, between each session, before returning for subsequent sessions. This means we respect your body’s own timing but also you become accountable for your weight management. After the fourth session you will return approximately every two or three weeks. By the final eighth session you will have reduced your weight by sixteen pounds. Of course if you need to reduce your weight by more than this, you will have received the necessary input, information and self help exercises to continue alone.


The full fee for the 8 sessions is currently £420 when paid up-front. My one off sessions normally cost £70 each and 8 sessions would therefore cost £560. So this is a saving of £140 on my normal fee for 8 sessions. So technically you pay for 6 sessions and get 2 free. N.B. There is no refund for this programme once purchased unless there are exceptional circumstances.


If you have had difficulty in reducing your weight before, it is recommended that you visit your GP to see if there may be any medical reason why that is the case.

Please note that the desired outcomes are not guaranteed and the length of treatment may vary.


Kirsch, I., G. Montgomery, and G. Sapirstein. 1995. Hypnosis as an adjunct to cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments—Another meta-reanalysis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 63: 214—20.