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If you’re reading this section then you may be wondering why other people seem so confident at work or perhaps socialising, whilst you seem to struggle in some areas of your life when it comes to feeling secure and at ease. You may even think, quite wrongly I hasten to add, that other people are fundamentally different from you, when it comes to confidence, or that you are flawed in some way. 

So why are some people confident and others not? In fact, this question is not quite precise enough. Confidence, or lack of it, is often context specific. Just consider that in some activities which you are involved in, in your life, you never consider whether you are confident or not. Perhaps you have a hobby or interest which absorbs you or a friendship or even some aspects of your job during which the issue of confidence never arises. The question we should be asking is – Why am I ok in some situations and activities and not others?

The simple answer to this is conditioning – with many of the current challenging situations we face in life there is a certain amount of past programming connected to them which became embedded in our subconscious. When we encounter certain situations today, where we learned in the past that there was a potential threat to our safety, either physically or emotionally, those automatic subconscious programmes begin to play and we have that feeling of not being good enough or clever enough to cope. 


Over time, you may have learned to avoid situations or activities which shake your confidence and feel that you are not reaching your potential but it is important to realise you were not born this way. Just as you learned, subconsciously, to feel less confident in certain situations, thanks to the ability of our brains to always be learning and developing throughout our lives, it is possible to reach your potential and feel positive and secure in previously challenging situations.

My daughter’s very first session with Daniel had an astonishingly positive impact. The tools he has since given her to improve her confidence, to help her focus and to manage the anxiety that was building up in GCSE year have completely transformed her state of mind. She’s now tackling the stressful exam period (which she and I were both dreading) with an energy and confidence she simply didn’t have a few weeks ago. I cannot recommend him enough. “  Mrs K., Bath


If you would like to gain control over how you feel and become more confident in areas of your life which may have challenged your sense of well being, then please give me a call so that you can begin your journey to a life of greater confidence and be able to fulfil your potential and really live again.

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