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I was recently asked, by Salisbury Life magazine, to contribute to their recent edition with my top tips for wellness. I was thrilled to be able to have my say on what I consider to be a vastly important area of life which we often neglect in the daily turmoil.

Here are my tips and the prompts / questions that I was asked:

If you only do one thing …..

My top wellness tip is to learn how to deal with stress – whether it’s a walk in nature, chatting with a good friend or watching your favourite comedian (research has shown that laughter can reduce pain and boost your immune system too). Find out what works for you and DO IT OFTEN!

What changed ny life? – The experts reveal the changes that transformed their wellness.

My own health and wellbeing has definitely improved since I began meditating 2 years ago. I discovered ACEM meditation which was developed in Norway. It’s non-religious with a science-based approach. I practise daily and feel less stressed and generally more content.

What’s changing on the local health and wellbeing scene?

The changes that I have noticed recently, when it comes to wellness, are firstly that people are taking much more care over their physical health. I see more people for weight management and smoking cessation than previously. There is also a sense of the community working together in wellness projects – such as the wonderful Secret Garden project in Salisbury run by Becky Twigg which connects the wellbeing of our natural environment to our own physical and mental health.

2017 WELLNESS TRENDS – What are the biggest wellness trends in the year to come?

For me, the biggest wellness trend in 2016/17 is the growing recognition of the how the state of what’s called our gut microbiome – the tens of trillions of micro-organisms in our gut – impacts on our physical and mental health. A poor state of gut microbes may be implicated in obesity, some cancer, anxiety and depression. Many physical and mental health conditions improve if the gut micro-organisms are rebalanced. A fascinating area of health and wellbeing.

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