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It’s great to make plans for improvement and wish to progress in our lives, but so often we give up easily at the first hurdle as our subconscious habits keep us stuck. Read Karen’s story of how she conquered her negative behaviour patterns.

So the new year is upon us once more. Once again it is time to review the past year’s successes, note our areas for improvement and plan a course of action. So what’s it going to be this year for you? Lose some weight? Quit smoking? Plan your next career move to find more rewarding work?

Perhaps you’ve been here before and you’re beginning to lose faith in your ability to change or are struggling with subconscious patterns which keep you trapped. That’s exactly how Karen (not her real name) felt when she came to see me for hypnotherapy.

Karen had gained four and a half stone in weight during and after pregnancy. She had been able to lose three stone by herself but had “hit a brick wall.” She said “ I feel annoyed that I can’t control my impulse to comfort myself with food and it’s getting me down emotionally. I want to look better in clothes, feel better about myself and enjoy food without the worry of putting on weight.”

As usual, I spent some time explaining that hypnotherapy is not magic and I can’t make anyone do anything against their will. However, I can support a person’s motivation to change by exploring and reconditioning the underlying subconscious patterns which keep an undesired behaviour in place.

After exploring Karen’s current lifestyle issues and stress factors, which often play a part in how we eat, Karen came to realise that she needed to learn to de-stress. This was our initial focus as I taught her how to do this by using self hypnosis at home. I also used a variety of hypnotherapeutic techniques during the five sessions Karen had with me to change her subconscious patterns based upon her desired goals. This included reducing her desire for sugary foods, exercising 3 times a week and feeling a sense of enjoyment with healthy foods and smaller portions.

In our last session, last August, Karen said, “ I found the whole process amazingly easy and feel I can control what I eat and enjoy it more.” She had lost a stone and a half in two months and gained back a feeling of self esteem and confidence.

If you are inspired by Karen’s success with hypnotherapy and want to know how it can help you achieve your goals for 2015, get in touch for a free chat.

Here’s wishing you success in your dreams for next year.

Daniel Kronenberg Clinical Hypnotherapy 07472 134824

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