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As a society, we do spend a huge amount of time imagining that a perfect life is waiting somewhere out there for us, collectively – with the aid of the media and advertising and individually – through unrealistic fantasising , A mirage on the horizon. A land of riches just beyond our reach.

We can then easily begin to base our underlying sense of dissatisfaction on a fantasy where stress and all adversity have no place in life and our unease within ourselves and animosity towards others pervades our daily living.

The art of living is not about eradicating stress or building a perfect life without pain or struggle; it is about coming to a point where you deal with life’s stressors in a way that is healthy and doesn’t create extra stress.

Within my hypnotherapy sessions I encourage a positive use of the imagination. I help clients visualise and rehearse an optimistic, yet realistic, future within which stressors play their natural part but our attitudes towards those stressors are balanced and remain relatively objective.

So, if you see advertisements of therapies which claim they can give you a stress free existence, perhaps you should be aware that they are possibly inviting you to buy into that fantasy of the perfect life. Your time would be far better spent in adjusting your reactions and responses to stress, with the creative use of a realistic and optimistic imagination.

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